In-Process Inspection in REM

In this Post we will review the In process inspection of the REM scenario. I like to be very specific on particular inspection type since  the incoming inspection( 05 Inspection type) and the Finished Goods Inspection ( 04) are same as discrete manufacturing only.

But the In-Process inspection the lot generation is unique for the Rem Scenario.

In-Process inspection:
*Like the other manufacturing type REM manufacturing cycle also requires to monitor the In Process for the quality control Module.
* In discrete when the production order is created a lot will be generated, but in case of the REM we need to create one inspection lot for each production version.
* The results recording can be done for certain open periods like week, month year based on the requirement.

Master Data:
QM – Master Data:
* MIC- Master inspection Characteristics ( QS21/22/23)
* Inspection Method- ( QS31/32/33)
* Sampling Procedure( QDV1/V2/V3)
PP-Master Data:
* Material master
  # In this QM view should be active
  # Inspection Lot type 13 Should be activated.

* Work centre
* Routing  – In routing we need to maintain the required MIC in the operations.
* Production Version.

Transaction :
* Once when we have all the required master data set up, we are ready to create the Inspection Lot for the In process.
* For this You have to enter the T.code – MFPR
* In this t.code you need to provide the Plant, Material,Production version.
* Once when you enter them and press f8.
* It Will take you to a new screen wtih Process Inspection Lot for Production version.
* Here you need to select the check box for the required Production version and Hit create inspection lot.
* After this you can see the Inspection Lot Generated.

Results Recording;
* Once you have the Inspection lot you can check for them in the QA32.
* The results recording is common.
*  Once when you decide to close the Inspection lot then you can take the usage decision, til then you can record the results with the Inspection Points.
 * Once Usage decision is taken to create the results recoding you need to follow the same process.

The above is simple flow to understand the REM In process inspection

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