Repetitive Manufacturing – Basic Cycle

In this post I will Explain a simple REM cycle for the PP Module.

Master data:
* Material Master:
* In this you need to have the REM indicator activated.
* A Rem Profile attached
* Production version with BOM, routing, production line( it is nothing but a work centre)
REM indicator activated.
* Routing( Routing or rate routing both will work fine for the rem)
* Production version.

1. REM Profile

Process Flow:
1. First Create all the required material master as indicated above.

2. Once this is done now you have to create a product cost collector

* REM- works on the Product cost by period.
* So the Product cost collector is a CO order which helps to collect all the cost at a material /
production version combination to an internal order
* Which later settles the variance against a material
* You can create the Product cost collector with KKF6N
3. during the creation of the Product cost collector it will prompt you to do the Preliminary cost collector- for rem you need to run this one also.

4. Once the above is done , now you have to run the Cost estimate Mark and release the same with CK11N AND CK21(you can reach the help of FICO consultant to complete this process)

5. Once the above is done now the master data and prerequisites are complete and ready for the PLANNING AND CONFIRMATION of the product/material.

6. Now you can maintain the demand in the md61 for the required quantity.

7. Once the demand is maintained and the MRP is run you will be able to work with the REM PLANNING TABLE.

8. One of the best features in the REM is the Rem Planning table

9. This can be accessed with the T.CODE MF50.

10. Here when you try to access the MF50 you have multiple choices to make selections and also restrictions.

11. Inside the planning table you can see 2 major things
a. In the upper section of the planning table you can see the available/ actual capacity
b. In the lower section of the planning table you can see the demand and few other attributes like stock, ROC, Production version etc.

12. This MF50 helps you to make the Planning- the Creation / modification of the planned order are very dynamic in this screen and is well integrated with all the functionalities.

13. Once all the planning is done with the MF50 then comes the EXECUTION ie) our confirmation.

14. In REM production confirmation is called as MATERIAL BACK FLUSH.

15. you can access the Material back flush with MFBF.

16. HERE in MFBF you can have some mandatory parameters like Quantity, material, production version, date etc which has to be given as input , and the system will in turn perform the back flush.

17. the MFBF is single screen which allow you to perform the below function
* Material back flush
* Excess consumption
* scrap posting
* Only activity posting
and few more.

18 Once the back flush is done the stock gets posting

19. You also have cogi/mf47 FOR clearing the post goods movement errors for automatic posting.

Hope the above process flow will be useful for someone to get introduced to REM. Again this is a short glimpse .
You can post your questions as comments , which will be answered by Me.

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