Period End closing

Many of the times when we are working in the begining of the Month, we get error that the MM / FI / CO Period is not open.

This post lists the Main 3 Transaction codes that are involved in the Peroid Opening .

1. MM Posting Period :

* MMRV: This will help you to check what is the current period and the previous period/
* MMPV: This T.code will help us to open the new period.
Input : company code / Period / Fiscal year.

2. FI Period :

* OB52: Use this T.code to Open the FI Period.
* Here you need to give the input as the variant for the company code,
* Also the period should be opened for all the Account type.( not mandatory)

3. CO Period:

* OKP1- Here you need to give the controlling area / Fiscal year / Version.
* Here you need to select the Period and unlock all the entries to allow the CO Posting.

Note: i will post the relevant Error messages ASAP.

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