BOM & Routing Deletion

Without Archiving:

Sometimes when we have deleted the BOM alternate and try to recreate the same alternate then we get a Error message , BOM alternate X already exists with  Message no. 29003.

1. In such case check if there is any BOM  / Plant assignment in the CS08 transaction. – if there is any entry then you have to remove the link and delete the BOM in another plant also before you re create.

2. Check if the BOM has been completely removed from plant in CS02 and also in MAST table.


When you want to remove the routing from table level without archiving then use
CA98 – Without Archiving .

With Archiving:
But you need to be “Extra Careful” when you use archiving.

BOM : CS28 – Archiving

Routing : CA99 – With Archiving

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