Action Control in REM

If you are working on the REM and if  you need to control your planned order like a status management of the discrete management then you can use this ACTION CONTROL functionality.

1) What does this ACTION CONTROL do ?
* You can set some actions like Firmed,Scheduled,Printed etc. on the REM Planned orders.

2) Where do i configure ?

Production>Material Requirements Planning>Procurement Proposals>Planned Orders>Action for Planned Order. Here you have 2 configurations

2.1)Define Action Keys
     – You can configure your own action codes are use the SAP standard.
2.2)Define Action Control
    – You can create a Action control Key and put your actions with sequenc.

3) Where do i assing this Action control key?
     You have to assign this in the MRP 4 View>REMsubscreen

4) Where do i seen in the transactions?
    In the REM Planned order you will have a new tab called action control and you can see the latest action code that has been set for it.

5) How do i set this ?
you can use the MDAC – Execute Action transaction code to set this.

6) How do i set this action  in mass ?

You will not be able to do in mass , but you can use the function module MD_SET_ACTION_PLAF to set this action in mass.

Hope this will be useful if some one likes to implement this. and feel free to leave your comments for more questions.

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