Capacity Planning error during Prod order creation in Finite scheduling.

Message no. CY298
No reqmts/caps exists or not relevant to finite scheduling

Assign capacities to the work centers affected by the order.
Set the indicator Relevant to finite scheduling at the capacities in the work centers affected. ******************************************************************************

Message no. C2053
Operation does not have capacity requirements
Check the operation and the corresponding work center.
There are no capacities defined at the work center at which the operation is carried.
The control key of the operation specifies that no capacity requirementsare created.
The operation has not been scheduled.

When i faced the  above errors i checked all the above procedure and interestingly , the capacity requirement calculations Formula key did not  have the selection fo the check box in the 
work center is allowed for capacity requirements.

After maintaining this  i was able to  generate the capacity for the production orders and same displayed in all the evaluation T.codes.

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