Deleting a Field from the Query(SQ01)

One of the common issue that we face during the creation/ Modifcation of the Querry is to delete the fields from the Querry ( SQ01).

Every time  you try to remove the field from the data field group in SQ02 you will get the below message

Message no. AQ606
You attempted to delete a field used in queries from the functional area.

In case if you face the issue , then kindly follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Transaction code => SQ01 Enter Your query Name and Hit the change Icon
  • Click on “Next Screen” icon( or F6)  on the “Change Query: Title Format” screen
  • Select or check “Field groups” ( select the field group to which fields to be deleted are assigned) to edit and click again on “Next Screen” icon only.
  • Kindly Uncheck the fields that you want to delete from the Query and save
  • Go to SQ02 –  change mode of Infoset – under section “Field Group/Data fields”  expand the field group and delete the fields you want.
  • Generate Infoset and Save

Hope this helped you , do leave a comment.

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