Classification View in PP-Part 3 Usage in Work Center

In this post we will see the usage of the classification system in the Workcenter. You can see the previous post on the relevant topic in the below link.

Classification View in PP-Part 1
Classification View in PP-Part 2 Usage in Task List

We create many work center in SAP. Each work center has many specifications, parameters that needs to be maintained. For example the minimum speed , maximum speed, target efficiency , target utilization etc. 

1. Create the required characteristics,
2. Attach to a class  with the class no 19.
3. Now this class can be attached to any work center.

Classification in the WorkCenter:
1. Change/create mode of the WC
3. Here in the WC classification value you can fill as per the WC.

1. You can view the details in SAP
2. You can retrieve data using the function module and print them in the output in the shop floor paper.

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