Move Query from One Client to Another( SQ01)

Moving Query / Infoset from one client to another.

1. Generally a query can be created in the standard area or in global area, You can find then when you enter the SQ01 Query screen. 

2. Now as a  per-requisite to download the query you need to have them in the Standard area. 

3. IN case if the query was in the global area  you need to move to the global area.
  For this select SQ01>Environment>Transports .

4. Now select the Copy Global to Standard

5. Now run in test mode and later in real mode to copy the query to standard area.

6. Now when your query is in the standard mode then again go to the environment   and now you will find the download button. with this provide the required information to the Infoset / Query and download to the local server

7. After this go to the target client and then set the import area as standard area.
8. Import the same in this step.
9. Assign them to the user group.
10. Execute.

Note: This will address your requirement and not intended to replicate all the steps. for any doubts and query leave a comment.

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