Deleting a Field from the Query(SQ01)

One of the common issue that we face during the creation/ Modifcation of the Querry is to delete the fields from the Querry ( SQ01).

Every time  you try to remove the field from the data field group in SQ02 you will get the below message

Message no. AQ606
You attempted to delete a field used in queries from the functional area.

In case if you face the issue , then kindly follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Transaction code => SQ01 Enter Your query Name and Hit the change Icon
  • Click on “Next Screen” icon( or F6)  on the “Change Query: Title Format” screen
  • Select or check “Field groups” ( select the field group to which fields to be deleted are assigned) to edit and click again on “Next Screen” icon only.
  • Kindly Uncheck the fields that you want to delete from the Query and save
  • Go to SQ02 –  change mode of Infoset – under section “Field Group/Data fields”  expand the field group and delete the fields you want.
  • Generate Infoset and Save

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Error determining planning periods for calendar

* The below error comes in the MDO4 or MRP Run 

Error determining planning periods for calendar XXX
Message no. 61123

  • This issue is because the planning calendar will not have enough periods generated.
  • In the Header screen you will see the planning calendar valid for longer period.
  • But if you see the period section you will not have enough periods.
  • So now in such case you need to go to Md26 ( change planning calendar) and then generage the periods for a longer horizon.

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Rate Routing creation error

The below error occurs not in the foreground, but in a recording mode of BDC.
In case if you have a change number created before the Rate routing creation date and during the change process of the rate routing the below issue is faced.
There are rate routings for the past or the future.

    Message no. CP293


    You are attempting to create a rate routing for group.  There already is

    at least one rate routing that has not been marked for deletion as of

    this key date.  However, this routing (these routings) are not valid on

    the key date.

Planning Calendar With Insufficient Periods

When we work with the Planning calendar make sure the material master is having the right master data set up.
IN some instances we may use a Lot size with planning calendar , but forget to maintain the planning calendar in the material master.
In sufficient period in the assigned planning calendar.

So during such instance we fill face an error like below.

 Message no. 61123 

Error determining plannin

In such case do check the material master and then the planning calendar.

Let me know if it helped for you .


SAP Standard Errors

1)message no. 29119

For material XXXXXXX, material status YY ‘All functions blocked’ does not allow BOM maintenance
Message no. 29119

In such cases check if there is any blocked status in all the plants. So better check it in the table level if any plant is having this all functions blocked.

Only after in all plants it will allow the BOM Maintenance.