Characteristic results cannot be recorded for inspection lot: Message no. QE181


Generally if there are some master data issues then we will get the below error message during the Inspection Lot Generation.

Characteristic results cannot be recorded for inspection lot 1000xxxxxx
Message no. QE181

You cannot record any characteristic results for this inspection lot. The material master has been set up for the existing inspection type in such a way that results recording is not supported.

Confirm defects for this inspection lot or select another inspection lot in which you can confirm the characteristic results.


  1. Please check if there is a Task List assigned to the Inspection lot.
  2. If not then try to go to the change mode of the inspection lot and try to assign the task list /Spec
  3. Either it will get assigned or it will provide some error messages.
  4. Once you resolve this then the next inspection lot should get the Task list automatically

Also note the easy way of identifying this issue is by using the Inspection lot status. The below comparison will help you .

Automatic generation of inspection lot failed


During the Inspection lot generation especially the 03 lots are not getting generated and below message are noticed:

  • Inspection lot not created automatically via transaction CO01/CO02
  • Warning message CO548 raised in production order release
  • Production order has status ILNC – Inspection lot not created
  • Warning raised in production order release – ‘Material &1: automatic generation of inspection lot failed’

The below message is displayed:

Material XXXXXXXXX: automatic generation of inspection lot failed

Message no. CO548


The system tried to create an inspection lot, but failed.

System Response

Processing is continued without creating an inspection lot.


Check, whether the quality inspection data is maintained in the material master.

When you have maintained all the necessary data, you can also create the inspection lot in a production order / process order at a later date by calling up the screen ‘main header’ again.


  1. Refer the Note https://me.sap.com/notes/1798998
  2. as per the note kindly activate the user exit EXIT_SAPLQPL1_005 in enhancement QAAT0001 and manage the code E_TQ32 = I_TQ32
  3. This will resolve the Problem

📢SAP S4 Hana : MRP Live APP-Display Key Figures


⚡This APP helps to get the information about the every MRP run that is complete in the System.
⚡This has a status for us to track the progress of the MRP Run – Finished or In-Progress
⚡Shows a table of all the MRP runs which have been triggered as per the filter applied
⚡There are multiple filter available to find the completed MRP Jobs
⚡It gives the detail in the Information and settings on the details given during the MRP RUN
⚡It also gives the details of the Processed Materials and the duration in the seconds
⚡The Low level Code steps , Provides detailed information about the low-level code and type of MRP step including the number of materials planned per low-level code. It gives details about how many orders were created or deleted and how much time was required for each step.
⚡The All live MRP steps Provides detailed information about each individual step performed in MRP live including how many materials were planned in this step, how many orders were created or deleted and how much time was required for each step.
⚡For each step there are multiple key figures related to the steps, all these are detailed to analyze the performance of the MRP run in the system

➡️Do leave a comment if you are using this Display Key figures app – Effectively !!

📢SAP S4 Hana : MRP Live APP-Display MRP Master Data Issues


🎯Display MRP Master Data Issues- Key Features

⚡Efficiently manage your master data with this powerful tool! Here are some of the key features of this APP:

➡️Comprehensive Issue List: Easily access a list of master data issues within your area of responsibility.

➡️Advanced Filtering: Utilize filters such as material, MRP controller, issue category, or plant to pinpoint relevant issues quickly.

➡️Acceptance Management: Accept issues and filter them based on this acceptance flag, enhancing your tracking and resolution process.

➡️Revoke Acceptance: Flexibly manage issues with the ability to revoke acceptance as needed.

➡️Seamless Navigation: Quickly navigate to related apps for any selected issue, ensuring a smooth and integrated workflow.

➡️Detailed Issue Information: Access in-depth details for each issue, providing you with all the information you need to resolve it efficiently.



⚡MRP Live does not create MRP Lists

⚡Only Scheduling agreements with the document type release documentation are supported (Type LPA).

⚡MRP Live on HANA does not support the MRP type seasonal MRP.

⚡Forecast demands cannot be planned in MRP Live on HANA

⚡Characteristics-based forecasting

 ⚡implemented BAdIs of the classic MRP (ABAP) are not executed with MRP Live on Hana.

S/4HANA, BOMs are always selected through the production version and the material master attribute “BOM selection” is obsolete.

⚡Lot-sizing procedures not supported:

📍Reorder point planning with period or cost-based lot-sizing procedures

📍Cost-based lot-sizing procedures such as the Groff reorder procedure or part-period balancing

📍Overlapping in lot-sizing procedures is not supported

📍Optimum lot-sizing procedures are not supported

⚡Production version with a distribution key is not planned.

⚡Customizing settings related to “Planning File Entry for Termination” are not considered

Usage Decision: Material Movements


🎯The below are the movement that are triggered during the Quality Usage Decision

📍To Unrestricted Stock – 321
📍To Scrap – 553
📍To Sample Usage – 331
The quantity you entered is posted to sample usage stock.
In the case of destructive inspections, the system proposes the destroyed quantity in this field.The quantity calculation is based on the algorithm defined in the control indicator documentation for destructive inspections.

📍To Blocked Stock – 350

📍To New Material – 309
The entered quantity is posted as a transfer to the stock of a different material.

📍To Reserves – 350
The quantity you enter is posted to a storage location of blocked stock. This storage location is used to manage a quantity of the sample that is kept in reserve after an inspection.

📍Return Delivery – 122
The entered quantity is posted as a return to a supplier.

QM- User Exits:


This Blog helps you to find the User exits in the Quality Management Module


🎯Results Recording & Usage Decision

QEEM0002  User exit add. functions after reading inspection features

QEEM0003  User exit: add. functions after valuating insp. characteristics

QEEM0004  User exit: add. functions after valuation of partial sample

QEEM0006  User exit: add. functions after closing inspection char

QEEM0007  User exit: add. functions after completing partial sample

QEEM0011  User exit: add. functions before valuating insp. characteristics

QEEM0012  User exit: add. functions before valuating partial sample

QEEM0015  User exit: add. functions after entering individual res

QEEM0020  User exit: additional functions after entering the inspector

QEEM0021  User exit: additional functions for user key +US1

QEEM0022  User exit: additional functions for user key +US2

QEEM0023  User exit: additional functions for user key +US3

QEEM0024  User exit: additional functions for user key +US4

QEEM0029  User-Exit for Characteristic Overview Subscreen

QEEM0030  User-Exit for Subscreen: Characteristic Single Screen

QEEM0031  User-Exit for Table Structure with External Numbers

QEEM0032  Presentation of the characteristic text in the logon language

QEEV0001  Enhancement AFTER creation of preset tables

QEEV0003  Determination of order type for print

QEVA0001  Enhancement: Quantity posting for usage decision

QEVA0002  Calculation of share of scrap in inspection lot

QEVA0003  Calculate “Next inspection date” for batch

QEVA0004  Exit for changing information line in usage decision header

QEVA0005  User subscreen for displaying add. data for usage decision

QEVA0006  Entry to usage decision transactions

QEVA0007  UD: Control of compulsory comment or long text presetting

QEVA0008  Usage decision: Customer function key (e.g. to cancel UD)

QEVA0009  UD: Predefinition of quantity to be posted to sample stock

QEVA0010  UD: Usage decision check

🎯Quality Certificates

QC100001  QM certificates: User exit for list of batches used

QC100002  QM certificates: User-defined initialization option

QC100003  QM certificates: Before and after cert. profile determination

QC100004  QM Certificates: User-Exit Before Call-Up of Form Print

QC100006  QM Certificates: User-Exit After Selecting Delivery Data

QC100007  User-Exit for Changing Certificate Profile Characteristics

QC100008  QM certificates: User exit for changing the customer number

QCE10001  Enhancement Modules: Electronic Certificate Dispatch

QCE10002  QM: Enhancement to IDoc Type QALITY02

QCE10003  QM: Quality Data Exchange of Electronic Cert. in Insp.

QCPA0001  Certificates: Assign control data of certif. profile char.

QCPA0002  Certs: Criteria restriction insp.lot/ptl lot selection

QCPA0003  Certificates: Fill new fields to find certificate profile

QCPA0004  QM Cert. Profile Menu: Cert. Profile Function Code +US4

QCPA0005  QM Certificate Profile Menu: Edit Function Code +US5

QCPA0006  QM Certificate Profile Menu: Environment Function Code

QCPA0007  QM Certificates: Include Characteristics in Cert. Profile

QCPA0008  QM Certificate Profile: Header Data Subscreen

QCPR1001  QM GR certificates: Before sending the certificate request

QCWA0001  QM: Quality Certificates on the World Wide Web

🎯Quality Notification

QQMA0001  QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Notification Header

QQMA0002  QM: Authorization Check for Entry into Notif. Transaction

QQMA0003  QM: “User data” Function in “Goto” Menu

QQMA0004  QM: “User data” Function in “Goto   > Item” Menu

QQMA0005  QM: Check Validity of Status Change

QQMA0006  QM: Automatic Task Determination for Quality Notification

QQMA0007  QM: Default Values when Creating a Notification

QQMA0008  QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Notif.

QQMA0009  QM: Predefine QM Order Parameters

QQMA0010  QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Cause

QQMA0011  QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Task

QQMA0012  QM/PM/SM: User Subscreen for Additional Data on Activity

QQMA0013  QM: Default Values when Creating a Task

QQMA0014  QM/PM/SM: Checks before saving a notification

QQMA0015  QM/PM/SM: User-Exit before Call-Up of F4 Help on Catalo

QQMA0016  QM/PM/SM: “User data” Function “Goto”   > “Task” Menu

QQMA0017  QM/PM/SM: “User data” Function “Goto”   > “Activity” Me

QQMA0018  QM/PM/SM: Deadline setting based on entered priority

QQMA0019  QM/PM/SM: Default Partner when Creating a Notification

QQMA0020  QM: Determining BOM Usage at BOM explosion

QQMA0021  QM/PM/SM: Function “User data” in “Goto” menu

QQMA0022  QM/PM/SM: “User data” function in “Goto -> Causes” menu

QQMA0023  QM/PM/SM: “User data” function in “Goto -> Item” menu

QQMA0024  QM/PM/SM Deactivate function codes in CUA menu

QQMA0025  PM/SM: Default values when adding a notification

QQMA0026  PM/SM: Auth. check when accessing notification transaction

QQMA0027  PM/SM: Default values when adding a task

QQMA0028  QM: Create notif. from confirmation of production order

QQMA0029  QM/PM/SM: Change Notification Type

QQMA0030  Check validity of status change

🎯Master Data (Inspection Plan & MIC)

QPAA0001  Enhancements: Formula checking / editing

QPAA0002  Customer exit – info fields

QPAA0003  Additional (auth.) check in plan (inspection chars.)

QPAA0004  Enhancement for transferring mstr insp. char. to task list

QPAA0005  Deactivation of functions for insp. char. maintenance

QPAA0006  Additional consistency checks – inspection characteristics

QPAP0001  Enhancement – plan reading

QPAP0002  Enhancement for material/plan assignment, plan selection

QPAP0003  Conversion of sample unit of measure to material unit

QPGR0020  Customer Exit ExtensionParameter ALE Interface Code Group

QPL10001  QM: Inspection lot creation – editing work area on creation

QPL10003  Sample calculation for inspection lot without plan

QPL10004  User subscreen for displaying additional data in insp.

QPL10007  QM: Inspection lot creation – change QM order type

QPMK0001  Modify Master Inspection Characteristic Data at Creation

QPMK0002  Customer Exit: Change Master Insp. Characteristic Version

QPMK0003  Customer Exit: Delete Master Inspection Characteristic

QPMK0004  Customer Exit: Delete Validity Period of Master Insp. Char

QPMK0010  Cust. Exit: Receiving System-ALE Distr. of Mast. Insp. Char.

QPMK0020  Customer Exit: ALE Distribution of Master Insp. Char.

QPRS0001  Physical Sample: Definition for Customer – Function Cod

QPRS0002  Number Allocation: Physical Sample Record

QPRS0003  Include screen in phys. sample rec. to dsply/chng. add. data

QPRS0004  Presettings for Manual Creation of Samples

QPRS0005  Service of customer include fields during automatic creation

QPSD0001  Methods list for reading a characteristic version: yes/no

🎯Retrieval of Data – After & Before the Process

QIRF0021  QIRF_SEND_INSP_REQUIRMENTS – before processing

QIRF0022  QIRF_SEND_INSP_REQUIRMENTS – after processing

QIRF0051  QIRF_SEND_INSP_DATA_FOR_WL – before processing

QIRF0052  QIRF_SEND_INSP_DATA_FOR_WL – after processing

QIRF0101  QIRF_GET_ORIGINAL_VALUES – before processing

QIRF0102  QIRF_GET_ORIGINAL_VALUES – after updating

QIRF0111  QIRF_GET_SAMPLE_VALUES – before processing

QIRF0112  QIRF_GET_SAMPLE_VALUES – after updating

QIRF0121  QIRF_GET_FEATURE_VALUES – before processing

QIRF0122  QIRF_GET_FEATURE_VALUES – after updating

QIRF0131  QIRF_GET_ALL_DATA_VALUES – before processing

QIRF0132  QIRF_GET_ALL_DATA_VALUES – after updating

QIRF0141  QIRF_GET_USAGE_DECISION – before processing

QIRF0142  QIRF_GET_USAGE_DECISION – after updating

QIRF0171  QIRF_GET_INSP_POINT – before processing

QIRF0172  QIRF_GET_INSP_POINT – after updating

📢MRP Live and Low Level Code :


📢MRP Live and Low Level Code :

⚡In SAP Materials may appear in several products and in several production levels of a product.

⚡The low-level code represents the lowest level of usage of a material within all product structures.

⚡Key Points on Low Level Code:

📍Purpose: The low-level code ensures materials are planned in the correct order, respecting dependencies.

📍MRP Run: During MRP runs, materials are planned starting from the lowest level code to the highest.

📍Hierarchy: Lower-level codes (higher numbers) indicate materials used in higher-level assemblies or subassemblies.

📍Automation: The system sets the low-level code automatically based on the BOM structure.

⚡In the SAP material master record, each material is allocated one low-level code  which is determined by the bill of material  management program and automatically updated in the MARA Table.

⚡You can also display the low-level code in the material master in the information Icon