Classification View in PP-Part 4 Usage in Material Master

As we are discussing on the usage of the classification view in the PP Module, this post will brief on the usage in the material master.
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Classification View in PP-Part 3 Usage in Work Center

Classification View in Material Master:
* As discussed in case if we need to maintain the characteristics specific to any material then you can use this material class.
* In case if you are having any engine as material you can have characteristics like Usage,Horsepower,No of cylinders etc.
* This will help you to obtain the details of the materials whenever it is neccessary.

Class type:
* For this we need to use the class type 001.

Usage in the Material Master:
* You need to create a material with the classification view.

Attach the class in the material master.
* Maintain the values for the characteristics.


Classification View in PP-Part 3 Usage in Work Center

In this post we will see the usage of the classification system in the Workcenter. You can see the previous post on the relevant topic in the below link.

Classification View in PP-Part 1
Classification View in PP-Part 2 Usage in Task List

We create many work center in SAP. Each work center has many specifications, parameters that needs to be maintained. For example the minimum speed , maximum speed, target efficiency , target utilization etc. 

1. Create the required characteristics,
2. Attach to a class  with the class no 19.
3. Now this class can be attached to any work center.

Classification in the WorkCenter:
1. Change/create mode of the WC
3. Here in the WC classification value you can fill as per the WC.

1. You can view the details in SAP
2. You can retrieve data using the function module and print them in the output in the shop floor paper.

Classification View in PP-Part 2 Usage in Task List

Classification system: Standard SAP Provides a cross application component named the classification system. This can be used in many areas. I have utilized this to address few of the core requirements of a manufacturing industry.

You can view the Previous Post about the classification system below.
Classification view in PP-Part1

In the shop floor, every machine will have specific details like the maximum speed it can be run, Optimum production rate etc , etc.

And when the user requests a Place holder for this in SAP, generally we dont have a direct way of doing this.

But when use the classification system, we have numerous ways to address this.

1. Characteristics – Required parameters to be created as characteristics with CT01
2. Class- Create one class to attach all this characteristics.

Classification in the Task list:
1. Create a Class with the task list type 019.
2. Attach the class at the header or at the operation.
3. Now you can maintain the required values for the operatoin inside the routing.
ex: In case if the m/c maximum speed is 550 RPM but particular product should be run only 300 RPM.You maintain 300 rpm in the operation details.

4. Now as the values is stored in SAP you can retrive them as per your request.

Kindly let me know if you need more information on this functionality, Feel free to leave a comment/Query

Classification View in PP-Part 1

I have used the classification view in different areas.I just wanted to share the information.
classification view can be attached to the below master data.
1.Material master.
2.Work center

1.Material master:
we can use the material class to store the information regarding to the material which is at the client level.this will help for us to maintain the characteristics of the material.

2.Work Centre:
we can use the classification view in the work centre.
Like if we are having different characteristics like machine speed,machine load, weight of the machine,make ,year of manufacturing thing like this can be created as characteristic

we can use a routing class to be attached to each routing and this information can be used to reproduce in reporting or to print in the shopfloor paper.

There are still more usage of this classification view like in batch management also.
kindly leave your comments if you need more information.