Variant Configuration – Formal Parameter not valid

Error Message: E28086 Formal parameter MATERIAL_XX not valid for: ZVC_XXX_YYY (Line 1)

Generally to read a value from the table we will define the C’stics from table and the C’stics from the class.


On LHS= we will be giving the Table Characteristics value

and on RHS = We will be giving the value from the Variant class.

In case if you are maintaining a DB link to the VC table, then more attention to be given to the C’stics when procedure is created.

Here you should ensure that we are giving the C’stic value from the Class and not the table. If we make any mistake then the Error E28086 bound to Happen.

VC-Inconsitency in Sales order due to removed characteristics

In the variant configuration scenario, there can be instances to discontinue a  characteristics from the Class.
So people generally remove them from the class.
During the removal system generally provides a warning message and we over ride the same.
In such case if they are already used in the sales order, there are chances for creating the inconsistency in the sales order configuration( VC).

When we face such situations in the configuration we will be seeing the inconsistency icon as below. The red color x mark indicates the inconsistency.

If we need to over come this then double click the red X and it takes to the below window.
In this the name of the missing character will be displayed.
Now you can delete the inconsistency by clicking the Delete button.
 As  you check the same configuration, now it will be complete. 

Note: In case if this was helpful or if there is a better approach for this problem do write a comment.


Finding the Inconsistent / Incomplete configured materials

As we work on the Variant configuration. There are instances where we will have incomplete / Inconsistent configurations.

The reason for me for many things. But in case if you need to find the list of materials that are like this.

Then we have 2 options to find them


* This helps to find the inconsistent configuration for sales order/ material/Class etc.

2. You can use the standard CL30N using the classification  report.

 Let me know if this was helpful and if you are looking for support on this subject do leave a comment.

Transfer of the Materail Variant and Configurable Materials Char & values

When we work with the variant configuration environment and in case of interfaces with the Third party system.Then there will be requirement to transfer the Material along with the char values to other systems.

It is recommended to use the standard IDOC methods. 

We have the MATMAS message type to transfer the material. But generally when you try to transfer using this message, the char  and the values will not be transmitted automatically.

In such case kindly check the setting in the OMT0. In this you need to activate the tranfser of char values.

 Once done then the IDOCS will carry the char values in the segments.

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Variant Configuration Technical

This Post will contain the details of the tables/ Function modules / Reports part of the VC.

    *This helps to check the consistency



4. RCU_FIND_STRING_IN_DEP : This Report helps you find the Object dependencies based on syntax.

Function Modules:

     *This will help to find if there was any changes to the variant configuration data in the sales order. 

3. CARD_TABLE_READ_ENTRIES – To get data from the VC Tables

3. CARD_TABLE_READ_ENTRIES – To get data from the VC Tables