SAP-PP/DS Live Cache Check

When working in the SAP – PP/DS or during the intial set up of the PPDS in the s4 hana system we need to check the consistency of the SAP Live cache set up.

For this we need to use the t.code  /SAPAPO/OM17 and once you go to the t.code do select the Product  / Location combination

When you run in foreground then you will get the message ” The Selected Data is Consistent” if not then it will take to next screen to detail the message of inconsistency and then you have options to clear the inconsistency also.

Why production version is important in S4- Hana?

1. BOM Selection – The BOM Selection can only be done with the Production version.In ECC the Production version selection was optional which was maintained in the Material Master>MRP4>BOM.

Now In S4 the below will be only available and the BOM Selection field has been removed.

2. Sub Contracting Process:

ECC: In ECC for subcontracting process where you need to send components to the Job work vendor a Production BOM will be created with External procurement and Special procurement as 30.

S4 Hana – Along with the Material master setting , the Production version is mandatory. If PV is not maintained then in the P.req / P.Order you will not find the the BOM Explosion.

3. Conversion Report:

For Green Field Projects , this becomes one of the Key Master data.

In case if you are into Migration Project, then Running this report -CS_BOM_PRODVER_MIGRATION02 is mandatory for creation of the production version as part of conversion.

There can be many other important reasons ,do leave them in the comment to update it… #CollectiveLearning