Period End closing -2

When we are moving from one period to another and during production confirmation, we will face few errors due to the period not open.
The below will have few of the errors which are common and way to over come it.

 1)Message no. F5201
Posting period 002 2013 is not open
T.code: OB52 – Ensure that the period is open for the curent period.
Period 002 of fiscal year 2013 is not open for posting for the variant of posting period XXX.
2)Message no. F5286

Period 002/2013 is not open for account type S and G/L xxxxxx
T.code: OB52 – Ensure that the period is open for the curent period.

3)Posting period 005 2013 is locked (check posting date)
 Message no. RU428

This above error may be due to the reason that the CO period is not open. IN such case kindly inform the CO team or use the OKP1 t.code to ensure that the posting in that period is allowed.

4.) In plant XXXX , post to current period 20xx /xx
Message no. M7037
 Please check for the posting period(MM) open in the MMRV/MMPV.
 In case if it not open and disallowed in backdatig posting, then this issue will raise.

 Do work with the MM team on this issue.

Note: Kindly Ensure that above T.codes are all done in confirmation with the FI/CO/MM team members.

Period End closing

Many of the times when we are working in the begining of the Month, we get error that the MM / FI / CO Period is not open.

This post lists the Main 3 Transaction codes that are involved in the Peroid Opening .

1. MM Posting Period :

* MMRV: This will help you to check what is the current period and the previous period/
* MMPV: This T.code will help us to open the new period.
Input : company code / Period / Fiscal year.

2. FI Period :

* OB52: Use this T.code to Open the FI Period.
* Here you need to give the input as the variant for the company code,
* Also the period should be opened for all the Account type.( not mandatory)

3. CO Period:

* OKP1- Here you need to give the controlling area / Fiscal year / Version.
* Here you need to select the Period and unlock all the entries to allow the CO Posting.

Note: i will post the relevant Error messages ASAP.