SAP-Roles and Authorisation- Session 3

Design to Deployment – is discussed in this video. This is the Session 3, do watch the previous 2 session which help you to catch you up for the complete details.

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Very Nice and thoroughly understood session Satheesh Sir .

Very helpful input in daily issue solving .

Sir , Wonderful demo . I have  now clear idea about Whats Role , How to validate it . How to search T codes from Roles. What is the functionality of authorization Object or Permission type . How to search authorization Object based on T codes using T code- Su24 .


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Z Table – Authorization

In SAP to meet the customer requirements ,we create many Z tables. But during the creation of the Ztable, we miss to discuss and maintain the Authoritsation related parameters.

And later during the Audit, GRC requirements a huge mainatainence needs to be done.

So it is always better to design the table to handle this requirements also.

To achive this for the Ztable, we need to create a Authorisation group and assign them in this Tables.

So along with the Authorisation group and the authority object the security team will be able to 
 manage the Autho requirements.