SCAL- Calendar Maintainence

In SAP the Factory calendar maintainence is done through the T.code SCAL.

This is one of the important configuration that needs to be given more importance.

1.SCAL – configuration details:

This has 3 important settings inside the SCAL
1.1) Public Holidays – Defining the public holidays is important. Inside this you can define what type of public holiday. This can be used in one or more Holiday calendars.

1.2) Holiday Calendar – You can define a holiday calendar and use the created public holidays insdie this so in the next step when you create a factory calendar this can be used in one or multiple Factory calendars. 

1.3) Factory calendar : You will be creating the factory. Here you will be using your Holiday calendar ( not mandatory) to define the holidays. Then also defining the workdays. 

Example: Global – Monday to Friday will be working day
                  Middle east – Except Friday all days will be working day.

You can also define special holidays when there are unplanned holidays etc.


1) This will be generally assigned to the Plant configuration which will be treated as Plant Factory calendar. Used in all places in PP,SD,MM etc.
2) This will be also used in the Shipping calendar.

3. Any modifications: 

1) Normally the modification or changes will be directly done in the respective client.
2) It can also be moved through the transport mode, but when it is transported it does not move the changes done in the particular plant, it moves all the changes done in the other calendar also. So this method is generally avoided.

1) When any change is requested for a particular calendar ensure that this is used only in that particular plant.
2) Also check this is not used in the shipping calendar, which will be assigned in the shipping points.( T.code -OVXD / Table -V_TVST).
3) Also we need to check if it has been assigned to any Route also. The below table dispaly will help to have a quick look on the assignments.

In case of this kindly update the requestor of the usage in other plants and shipping points and impact of the same and make the required modifications.