📢MRP Live and Low Level Code :

📢MRP Live and Low Level Code :

⚡In SAP Materials may appear in several products and in several production levels of a product.

⚡The low-level code represents the lowest level of usage of a material within all product structures.

⚡Key Points on Low Level Code:

📍Purpose: The low-level code ensures materials are planned in the correct order, respecting dependencies.

📍MRP Run: During MRP runs, materials are planned starting from the lowest level code to the highest.

📍Hierarchy: Lower-level codes (higher numbers) indicate materials used in higher-level assemblies or subassemblies.

📍Automation: The system sets the low-level code automatically based on the BOM structure.

⚡In the SAP material master record, each material is allocated one low-level code  which is determined by the bill of material  management program and automatically updated in the MARA Table.

⚡You can also display the low-level code in the material master in the information Icon

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