📢SAP S4 Hana : MRP Live APP-Display MRP Master Data Issues


🎯Display MRP Master Data Issues- Key Features

⚡Efficiently manage your master data with this powerful tool! Here are some of the key features of this APP:

➡️Comprehensive Issue List: Easily access a list of master data issues within your area of responsibility.

➡️Advanced Filtering: Utilize filters such as material, MRP controller, issue category, or plant to pinpoint relevant issues quickly.

➡️Acceptance Management: Accept issues and filter them based on this acceptance flag, enhancing your tracking and resolution process.

➡️Revoke Acceptance: Flexibly manage issues with the ability to revoke acceptance as needed.

➡️Seamless Navigation: Quickly navigate to related apps for any selected issue, ensuring a smooth and integrated workflow.

➡️Detailed Issue Information: Access in-depth details for each issue, providing you with all the information you need to resolve it efficiently.

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