Calculating the Usage for the PRT.

Production resources tools :

In most of the manufacturing scenario, there will be few PRT’s like Jigs,Fixtures, Beams etc,. It will be a requirement to track the usage of the same.
One of the way is explained below.

the below scenario will be possible only if you are working in the Discrete Manufacturing environment.

This particular topic has more integration with the Plant maintenance module.

Process Flow:
1. Create a equipment

  • Create an equipment with IE01.
  • When you create the equipment kindly take care in the Equipment category it needs to be P – PRT.
  • Also in the PRT tab now give the required input like usage,Task list type etc.
  • Here in the below there will be a measuring counter , we have to attach this in the later stage.

2. Create Characteristics

  • Use CT04 to create characteristics.
  • Create a numeric Characteristics with description called “USAGE’
  • Also give the Unit of measure as Each / Pieces.

3. Create a Measuring point

  • Use transaction IK01.
  • Here create the measuring point with the equipment which you created earlier.
  • Attach the characteristics usage in the characteristics filed.
  • Also do check the measuring point is also a counter.

4. Attaching Measuring point to equipment/PRT

  • After the measuring point is created, now in the PRT tab as mentioned earlier attach the same in the field.
  • this assignment is very important.

5. Attaching the PRT in the routing.(CA02)

( When you are doing this scenario for the first time, do as described below only)

  • In the routing, go to the operation overview, now attach the PRT as equipment.
  • It will ask you to enter the usage value etc.
  • Here assign 1 and uom as EA/PC whatever you have mentioned in the step2
  • Once you have completed the assignment save this routing.

6. Creation of production order(CO01)

  • Now create a production order for the header material
  • In the operation overview, you can now check if the PRT is assigned.
  • Here you kindly check if the PRT has been attached and also check if the measuring point is also available there.
  • Create,Release and save the production order

7. Production Confirmation ( Co11n)

  • Now do the production confirmation for the production order /Operation for which the PRT has been added.

8. Usage Value( IK03)

  • Now in the IK03 you can display the measuring documents that have created.
  • for each production confirmation you will have individual document getting created.

Now you will have the usage value for the PRT. Since the PRT has been created as equipment we can trigger a maintenance plan etc. from here you can do forward integration to PM module.

9. PRT in orders.

  • For example if we have one PRT called PRT0001 this can be used in only one order at a time.
  • So to track if we have used in many order or in which all orders this PRT has been used.
  • You can use PRT in order T.code.

10. General

  • Generally in the discrete manufacturing environment we can attach during the Production order creation.

Kindly try this and if you have any querry/corrections do post a comment.