COGI in BackGround

This would be interesting for the Facilities which have implemented the SAP-Discrete manufacturing environment with Production Confirmation.

What is COGI ?
COGI is a Tranasaction code which is used to clear the Goods movement that has been collected as errors.

Example of COGI:
* When there is a Lock Entry in the table.
* When there is insufficient stock for the issue material.
* If the master data is not setup correctly ( Missing storage location).

This COGI Needs to be Periodically cleared and to facilitate this COGI clearing SAP has provided few standard programs.


The above programs will be helpful to clear the COGI.
It is always advisable to Schedule the BG Jobs for the programs once the system has been setup for the usage.
Also when we plan the timing on the JOB we need to ensure that “NOT” 2 programs run at same time.
as the system will not allow to run.
When this program is scheduled for background run a spool list can be planned and a suitable stake holders can receive the information on regular basis.

This is very important to follow to ensure :
* No COGI is left un attended.
* Proper posting is done.
* Inventory will be accurate.
* Costs are Booked correctly etc etc.