Progressive Confirmation in Discrete Manufacturing

It was very nice to know something about the Progressive confirmation.As most of us would have worked
already on the Order confirmation, Time ticket confirmation, i thought to put this things about the progressive confirmation.

What is progressive confirmation?
# It is also a type of confirmation , which can be done for an operation and all preceding operations are confirmed

What does this do ?
# This will also do a confirmation but you need not enter the actual qty from previous order but just enter total qty you produced for this order till now.


Order Qty : 1000 Pcs
Shift A Production – 100 pcs
Shift B Production – 200 pcs
Shift C Production – 400 pcs

In normal confirmation ie) time ticket or milestone we will be confirming 100 at the end of the Shift A and 200 at the end of Shift B.

But with progressive confirmation you can enter it as 300 at the end of the shift.

The system will calculate the qty and post it.

Where should i do the Configuration for this?
#No configuration is required

Which T.code should i use for this ?
# you should use the  CO1F – Progress Confirmation

Note, as i work on this subject i will keep updating this topic. Feel free to provide your comments and questions on this subject.