Discrete Vs REM

This Blog will bring out some basics of Discrete Vs Repetitive manufacturing as a Snap Shot.

Discrete Manufacturing:
1. When production is done Based on Orders.
2. Cost is collected at Order Level.
3. Collection of cost
4. Complex Routing/Bom( Like Variant Configuration)

Repetitive Manufacturing:
1. When Production is done Periodically( Same product Produced for over period of time)
2.  Simple Back flushing is Planned.

The below are few other points that are differentiate them.

Master Data
1. Material Master

Work Scheduling View:
Discrete: You need to have the Work Scheduling View activated for this.
REM: Work Scheduling is not Required.

REM Profile:
Discrete: No Rem Profile is required.
REM: REM Profile is Mandatory.

2. Production Version
Discrete: It is Optional
REM: It is Mandatory

3. Product Cost Collector:
Discrete: It is Not Required
REM: It is Mandatory , it is the one which collects all the cost.

4. Settlement
Discrete: Settlement is done at the Production order level.
REM: It is at material Level.

5. Work Order.
Discrete: Production order are mandatory.
REM: No Order,

6. Confirmation
Discrete: confirmation is done at Production order Operation level or at Order level.
REM: Confirmation are done at production version /Planned order level.

7. Capacity Planning
Discrete: Done with CM01,02 etc,
REM: Need to be done with MF50 Planning table.

8. Shop Floor Paper.
Discrete: Can Create shop floor Print.
REM : No Standard Shop floor Paper, need to do Custom Development if Required.

9.Order Information System
Discrete: Has Detailed order information
REM: No detailed list.

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