Useful Excel Formulaes

1.To Trim the values.


This will 1st calculate the length of the Char and then trim the last 3 characters.

2. To providing padding as space for cell.

What it does
1) Checks the length and validates – LEN(L2170)<8 font="">
2) If false (CONCATENATE(L2170,REPT(” “,8-LEN(L2197)))
    * Here it concatenate the cell value with the space” “
    * To find the number of time it check the  8 – length of the character.
    * Which side it it needs to concatenate is decided by Left/Right 
3. To find the duplicate entries with the n`th time it is repeating

4. To find the difference between period Syntax:
          DATEDIF (start_date, end_date, unit)

        Example: `=DATEDIF(From;NOW();”D”)

   DATEDIF= This is for the date diffference
    From = From Period ( Do point to the Cell )
    NOw= Current period or To Date
     D / M / Y = Which denominates the period as date / Month / year