INOB Table – Updating

INOB Table:
Convert KSSK and AUSP to internal number (table INOB)

We have to use the Report RCCLUKA2 to upload the table.

This report sets the Multiple objs allowed indicator for a class type. The system does a key conversion for tables KSSK and AUSP and creates a new table INOB. The conversion only affects the class type you enter. Internal keys for the objects are saved to table INOB.

User Status and Authorisation in Notification.

Consider that you have a situation that  the notification is created by the Production / Quality or other person in the Plant when they want to report any incident. Once the notification is created then the Next status to be managed by next set of people may be the Plant maintenance Personnel only. As all of them will be using the same notification type one of the easiest way is to mange with the User status and authorization group.

1) We need to create a Status profile with the required status. And also we can create different authorisation code.
2) The authorization code is the key factor ie) if the user has that authority then it can be maintained.


2) Now the Status has to be to be attached to the Notification type.

3). Now the required object has to be informed to the authority team to maintain that and this will help to manage this situation.

DMS-WorkStation Application Setting

WorkStation Application Setting:

To explain in simple term, this setting is necessary to allow your document type to attach documents of different extensions.

We will have business needs to attach document like .xls or .pdf or .jpg, in case if you have not maintained this setting then you will receive the below error.

File Extension XXX not allowed for the  workstation application xxx.

Message no : 26504.

The below configuration will resolve this error:
Cross-Application Components>Document Management>General Data>Define Workstation Application

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Attaching Flocation in the Equipment

When we work in Plant maintenance, we will have the business requirement of attaching the Equipments to the Functional Location.

The below config is required to manage the situation, if this config is not made, then you will not be able to attach the same.
 1)  Configuration to allow the Floc attachment:

2) Ensure that the Inst @ FLoc – is activate

 3) IE01=>Structure =>Floc Installation.

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Currency for Maintenance Statistics

In Plan maintenance, the information system is used  for analysis of cost / breakdown etc.

In the Cost analysis we will be able to update the statistical currency with only one currency. 

During some instance if you need to change this currency figures then the below configuration needs to be done.

Inside this you will be able to maintain only currency figure

After you modify this the history records also needs to be updated for that do run the report.

Report: RIPMS001

This will update the currency as per the configuration.

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Missing Maintainence Plan Category

There are few configuration which are language dependent and the values will be displayed in case if you view through the original language.

One such case is Maint Plan Category in the Plant maintainence.

I have configured a new Maint plan category  in the Configuration client ( in Language DE) and after transporting the same to my quality client i was not able to see them in the transaction.( in Language EN)

When i checked i was able to see the same in the configuration node.

The during analysis i found that the translation was not maintained correctly in other languages.

After maintaining this translation and transporting we were able to see the configuration fully.
It was an interesting find.
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Procurement Using Catalogs in- Plant Maintainence.

Interface for Procurement Using Catalogs (OCI)
* This is a standard feature which helps to communicate from SAP to a external catalogue.

*  These external catalogue functionality is helpful in the Plant maintenance in a service order / maintenance order .

* The external catalogue will increase the efficiency on the usage of the system.

* The end user can directly access the external catlog select the required materials

* we can even use multiple catalogue.

1. The required catalogue with the url / user id / pw needs to be maintained in the catalogue configuration.
2. In case of different catalogue, it can be controlled for the order type.

SAP – System to access Catalog
External System with Catalog

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