Quota arrangement item cannot be deleted or date modified

It was an  interesting scenario where the existing quota was created with end date of the quota as 31.12.9999 and when i tried to modify the date. we were not able to modify the date or delete the quota or  delete the item.
We encountered with the below error message:

Quota arrangement item 001 cannot be deletedMessage no. 06521


The quota arrangement item 001 cannot be deleted because it is active in the system (that is, the quota-allocated quantity is not zero).

Now when the Alloted qty was to be made zero, but i didn’t find any order in the MD04 screen.

To make the alloted qty zero run the report RM06Q003. Once this is executed for the particular material the allotted qty becomes zero and it allows to modify the date.

let me know if this helped for all.Do leave your comments if this worked or if it not worked. also.