Rework in Production Planning

Rework – In most of the manufacturing environment there would be some or other form of rework.
This topic explains how to handle the rework by creating a new production order.

1.When a rework is to be done a new production order is to be created.
2.This production order will not have any material.
3.This will have only one operation.

1. A header material HM1 is already setup in the system with all required master data like BOM,Routing,etc.

before we go in detail the below T-codes are the one the person is to be familiar with
Transaction codes:
1. BS02- status profile management
2. CA21- Rate routing
3. C032- Reference rate routing
4. Ca02- Routing change
1.New order type
2.Order type dependent parameters
3.Default operation for the order type / Plant combination.

I.Creation of status profile:

a.Create one status profile Zrework with 2 status in the profile
ex: Initial,Creat.
b.The Status profile should be assigned to object types.

II.Create a separate order type
a.Create a separate order type
b.Set up the order type dependent parameters
c.Now assign the status profile in the header and in the operation in the created order type

III.Create Rate routing
a.Create a simple rate routing

IV.Create a Trigger Point.
1.Create a trigger point with co31.
2.In the Trigger point assign the status(create ) for the function – create a new order
3.Double click the assigned status this will pop an additional window to fill in the group,group counter and order type.
4.Fill in with the rate routing no and also the created order type

V.Routing – Trigger point.
a.Now the trigger point has to be assigned to the routing of the header material HM1.
b.To assign this double click on the operation and in the Menu – find the trigger point and assign the trigger point a pop up window requests you if to copy from std trigger point – confirm yes.
c.After the trigger point is assigned save it .

VI.Test Rework Scenario.
Step1.Create a production order for the header material HM1-release and save it.
* Check in the status management if the status ZREWORK.
Step2.Now confirm the production order with Co11.
* When you confirm make the yield as zero and also delete if any goods movement was there
Step3.Now save the confirmation,When you save the confirmation you will get a trigger point message – confirm the message it will take you to the next screen where the triggerpoint with the function to create the production order would be displayed.
step4.Now execute the trigger point.This would generate a production order.

Now the production order without material is created,

The above explains the rework scenario in higher level , with this input try out the rework cycle as per the business requirements.
For further details about the process are if you are struck anywhere post with a comment