SAP – Notes

This Post will list the few SAP notes that will be helpful. 
* 16658 – Generate sales order based on the Quotation.
      – In some MTO scenarios when  you create Qutoatio->Order->production order then  
        during GR in the Production order , it would request you for the Quoataion number to   avoid    this you need to implement this note.
  455840In consistency in MD04 and MB5T transaction (Purchase scheduling agreement).
      * 25444-In consistency in MD04 with Sales (sales order, schedule agreement)
                      report SDRQCR21

       * 549752 FAQ MRP Element in MD04/05 

       * 633119 – Dependent requirements without parent planned order

      *   Note 545749 – COGI: How to correct certain errors. 

      * Note 547277 – FAQ: Requirements in SD and in the delivery
list of frequently asked questions about the transfer of requirements in R/3 – SD and LE-SHP

      * Note 744305 – Credit lock and requirements/direct procurement  
        how a credit lock affects the transfer of requirements or the direct procurement in the sales order.
        *SAP OSS note #309050( For updating the COGI deletion records)

      Variant Configuration:
    926714 – Report RCU_VC_PERFORMANCE
9 17987 – General performance in variant configuration
5 94351 – Constraints and procedures
7 01745 – long response time displaying characteristic overview
    774346 – Composite SAP Note: Material variants     
    900047 Message V1 854: Lost configuration