Year End Actitvities – SAP- PP

Since we are in the end of the year , i thought to write some few things that has to be generally ensured as part of the year ending activities.

I am listing down few of them which are on my checklist..

* Calendars are very important one to be checked as part of the year ending activities.
* Check if the Holiday calendar and the Public holidays are extended to the next year.

1.Factory Calendar – SCAL

2.Shipping Calendar – OVXD
3.Planning calendar -MD27

B.Number Ranges:

Ensure that you have enough number in the buffer. Below are the few of the list of number ranges can be checked.

1.Define number ranges for orders -CO82
2.Define number ranges for confirmations – CO80
3.Define number ranges for reservations-CO83
4.Define number ranges for operations-CO81
5.Define number ranges for capacity requirements -C084
6.Define Number Ranges for Planning Run -OMI2
7.Define Number Ranges for Manual Processing-OMI3

C.Back Ground Jobs:
1. Check if any Back ground jobs has to be extended.
2. You can use the Table TBTCO.

D.Activity Price:
1. Even though the complete ownership of this activity is with Controlling team , it will be good for us to cross check if all the activity types are having the cost for the next period
2. To check this quickly you can use the KP26, list out  your Cost centres / Activity types and check it.

In case if your Fiscal Year is also your end of calendar year then many FI Steps will be there and Links for them are 

1. https://blogs.sap.com/2008/07/09/year-end-closing-in-asset-accounting-best-practices/

2. https://answers.sap.com/questions/6869746/year-end-activities—fico.html

This is not the End of the List, but covers maximum important activities, i will keep modifying the same.

Wishing you all  Advance New year Wishes !!!