Usage Decision: Material Movements

🎯The below are the movement that are triggered during the Quality Usage Decision

📍To Unrestricted Stock – 321
📍To Scrap – 553
📍To Sample Usage – 331
The quantity you entered is posted to sample usage stock.
In the case of destructive inspections, the system proposes the destroyed quantity in this field.The quantity calculation is based on the algorithm defined in the control indicator documentation for destructive inspections.

📍To Blocked Stock – 350

📍To New Material – 309
The entered quantity is posted as a transfer to the stock of a different material.

📍To Reserves – 350
The quantity you enter is posted to a storage location of blocked stock. This storage location is used to manage a quantity of the sample that is kept in reserve after an inspection.

📍Return Delivery – 122
The entered quantity is posted as a return to a supplier.

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