⚡MRP Live does not create MRP Lists

⚡Only Scheduling agreements with the document type release documentation are supported (Type LPA).

⚡MRP Live on HANA does not support the MRP type seasonal MRP.

⚡Forecast demands cannot be planned in MRP Live on HANA

⚡Characteristics-based forecasting

 ⚡implemented BAdIs of the classic MRP (ABAP) are not executed with MRP Live on Hana.

S/4HANA, BOMs are always selected through the production version and the material master attribute “BOM selection” is obsolete.

⚡Lot-sizing procedures not supported:

📍Reorder point planning with period or cost-based lot-sizing procedures

📍Cost-based lot-sizing procedures such as the Groff reorder procedure or part-period balancing

📍Overlapping in lot-sizing procedures is not supported

📍Optimum lot-sizing procedures are not supported

⚡Production version with a distribution key is not planned.

⚡Customizing settings related to “Planning File Entry for Termination” are not considered

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