PM-Refurbishment Order without Serial Number- Steps

Refurbishment – In the Plant maintenance refurbishment is one of the common process. 

Example: You have a 5 HP Motor to pump some chemicals from a Storage well. You will have many 5 HP Motors. 

In case if you wanted to manage such scenarios without serial number management and split valuation, then  below are the steps for the same.

1    IW81    Creating a Refurbishment Order
2    IW32    Setting an Order to “In Process”
3    mb11    Material Withdrawal for the Refurbishment
4    IW48    Time Confirmation
5    IW8W    Goods Receipt of the Refurbished Material
6    MMBE    Check Material Stock
7    MM03    Displaying Material
8    IW32    Technically Completing the Order
9    Ko88    Settling the Order
10    IW32    Closing the Order

Note: You can follow the above steps to create a simple refurbishment process. Drop a note in case if you are looking for more information.