IDOC-Basics – 2

IDOC STATUS – 64 ( for inward idocs)

As we deal with idocs, the idocs will get posted to the
sap system with status 64.

once the status is set to 64 to process this idoc to the
next step, we can use the program RBDAPP01.

RBDAPP01-This program can be used scheduled in the background in periodic schedule.

IDOC STATUS – 51( for inward idocs)
RBDMANIN- This report attempts to post the inbound IDocs with
status ’51’ (Application document not posted).

As we work with the idocs, when the idocs are processed and they may be not posted
for various reasons.when you wanted to re process this idocs this program
can be scheduled periodically.

The ‘Import in background’ checkbox has the following significance:

If the checkbox is marked, the IDoc processing is triggered
immediately without the IDocs being displayed. Following the processing, a list of the IDoc status values is output.

ID0C STATUS – (2/04/05/25/29 outwards)
You can use this program RBDAGAIN to schedule job to reprocess the Outward idocs.

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