SAP Production Planning

I like to skip the introduction to basics of SAP and directly jump into the Production planning of SAP.
Production Planning&Control module which is allways called as PP module takes care of the planning process of material ,after planning it helps to produce the material through production and then apply the controlling process over the Planning and also the production.

SAP-PP module can help the production through discrete and repetitive manufacturing process.

what is discrete manufacturing?
discrete manufacturing will have shorter order quantities, the process will not have continious flow and mostly if the business requires to monitor the cost at an production order level then the system is configured for dicrete manufacturing
What is Repetitive manufacturing?
In this process thegoods will be produced in larger quantities and the business likes to collect the cost at the material level and that too for a certain larger periods.

I like to discuss this in the begining itself as the later production process will be based on the manufacturing type