Production Planning Process Flow

I like to explain the Production Process flow for a simple demand to stock cycle.
1.1.Create a demand in the md61 transaction for a plan and material combination.
This has to be maintained for the Finished goods material only ie) which has a BOM and a routing.
1.2.Here ensure that the version check box is selected ,becoz only if it is selected it will be considered for MRP Run.

Step2:Run MRP
2.1.Now using the transactin Md02 give the same material and plant and run the MRP.
2.2 In the MD02 screen the Planning Paremeters are to be selected accordingly.
2.3 Execute the transaction.

Step3:MD04 stock requirement List
3.1.Now you can use the Md04 transaction to view the Demand created by Us and also the proposal generated by the system if there is shortage of supply for the demand.
3.2. System generats Planned order.
3.3. Double click on the planned order no , which will help us to convert the planned order into an production order.
3.4 Now you can create the Production order.
3.4 In the same step you can release and save the order.
3.5 Now in the Md04 screen on refresh we can view the Production order number on display.

step4: Production order
4.1. Using Co02 we can view the status and also the BOM,Routing etc that has been copied from the master data to the production order.

Step5: Production order confirmation.

5.1. Using CO11N confirm the Production order operations.
5.2. To avoid any error in the stock posting we should confirm the production for the previous operations or order which will be increase the stock of the finished goods.Also the required purchase material stock is also to be checked.
5.3. During the production confirmation of the final operation we can view the goods movements of the material produced and also the material consumed.
5.4. execute and save the transaction.

Step6: GR/GI check
6.1 now we can check the goodrecevied and also goods issued with different transactions
6.2 Co03 – in this you can use the Documented goods movement to view .
6.3 MB51-Material document list.
6.4.Coois – Order information list.

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