Classification View in PP-Part 1

I have used the classification view in different areas.I just wanted to share the information.
classification view can be attached to the below master data.
1.Material master.
2.Work center

1.Material master:
we can use the material class to store the information regarding to the material which is at the client level.this will help for us to maintain the characteristics of the material.

2.Work Centre:
we can use the classification view in the work centre.
Like if we are having different characteristics like machine speed,machine load, weight of the machine,make ,year of manufacturing thing like this can be created as characteristic

we can use a routing class to be attached to each routing and this information can be used to reproduce in reporting or to print in the shopfloor paper.

There are still more usage of this classification view like in batch management also.
kindly leave your comments if you need more information.

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